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Light Collective are a creative lighting consultancy consisting of two people: Martin Lupton and Sharon Stammers. We are based in the UK but have an international portfolio comprising of a crazy mixture of architectural lighting design and light based projects.

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We are Citizen.

We are LED manufacturers.

As LED manufacturers, we have been concentrating on increasing the “efficacy (lm/w)” and decreasing the “cost” of our product. This has been the key factor that the market has pushed for. Whilst this is still important to us, we started to realise after many years of development that this should not be the only factor that an LED manufacturer should focus on.

We started to think about “Quality of Light” as well. As Japanese manufacturers, it is our mentality to prioritise the quality of our product.

We have investigated, studied, and struggled to express the “Quality of Light” and have finally developed several products, which we believe represent the “Quality of Light” that we want to present to the market. We have received good feedback and success for these products but have realised that all of our development decisions were based on the LED manufacturer or Luminaire manufacturers point of view.

To widen our knowledge and to create a better “Quality of Light” in our engineering technology, we believed that we could learn new insights and views from the people who specify our products: Lighting Designers.

This was the starting point of the Perfect Light Project.

We met Light Collective and listened to their idea on how we could help collate and explore the thoughts of Lighting Designers and believe that this project will feed into our quest to make “Perfect LEDs.”

We are very excited to support the “Perfect Light Project” which is a great learning experience for a LED manufacturer. We hope it will also be of great interest to all Lighting Designers and help to stimulate their thoughts and view.

We welcome your feedbackon what makes a “Perfect Light”…



Photo of Vector Luminaire in use with interview with Mark Major and well-travelled luggage

We would like to thank Rosco Lighting for their support in lending us a studio kit of Vector Luminaire for the project. We were able to pack it away in a suitcase and take it to 22 interviews in different countries.

Thanks to Gavin Renz of Frizbee Films for his technical help at the end of the project.

We would also like to extend our thanks to all the lighting designers out there whose work features in this film. We are unable to credit all of you as we don’t know who you are but we salute you and the work you have done. You are the unsung heroes of the urban environment and the support cast of this film.

Plus a big thanks to Ford Dagenham for the poem used on this website.

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