The Perfect Light


“It was wonderful to hear the varied and colourful, enthusiastic legends of the lighting world wax lyrical with passion about light. Very thought provoking and if as a result this encourages cross pollination of designers with manufacturers, scientists, thinkers and educators this would be a great achievement.”

Debbie Wythe, Design in Progress

“Thank you very much for inviting me to the screening last night. It was a lot of fun and great to see the results – clearly a significant amount of time and energy was dedicated to the project.”

Theo Paradise-Hirst, ChapmanBDSP

“Thank you so much for inviting me to a really great evening last night – throughly enjoyed the ‘The Perfect Light’ video.”

David Atkinson, DALD

“The movie was fun, insightful and will prove to be of value to those in the industry without exposure to the big guys at the top – really interesting to hear their views – THANK YOU!!”

Rebecca Weir, Light IQ

“Great film and a very useful educational tool. You have done a real service to the profession recording everyone – and capturing their characters as well as their thoughts and ideas. Especially Howard…”

Mark Major, Speirs + Major

“Your film delivered a great perspective… The 30 minutes in the film were actually flying by… this film will become a unique snapshot of our time.”

Enrique Peiniger, OVI

“It was wonderful to see the film come together and I am curious about what more you learned in your interviews. It was also great to see an inquiry that was not project based.”

Francesca Bastianini, Sighte Studio


arc October/November 2018 - Issue 106
arc October/November 2018 - Issue 106

arc December/January 2017/18 - Issue 101
arc December/January 2017/18 - Issue 101


By Ford Dagenham

time was
the sun went down
and light was gone
so we were done

till we played in the Wonderwerk cave
and domesticated our first star

hello night life !
hello Paris !

and from the empire of the sun
to the dark side of the moon
we backlit keyboards
and made midnight like noon

and from the Enlightenment
to the Black Hole of Calcutta
we made perfect light for painting
and the twilight of Blade Runner

and in our Ikea illuminated lounges
fibre optic cable delivers everything
everything we have ever found
all the dark horses and the Dark Knight
the Great White Hopes
and the comfort night light

but perfection is a mirage
always a half-life away
the search is the journey
the search is the way

and in our enthusiasm
we brought on a cataclysm
and locked up the night skies
in a prison of pollution

but still the children's author
says stories are light
as she writes for her daughter
into her LCD night

and still the eternal battle between
the dark side and the light
is fought with lightsabers in the woods
shot in Pinewood at night

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