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It is said that all good documentaries start with a question. We are not saying that we have made a good documentary but we have definitely asked a question…

The development of light and lighting has always been about the search for the “Perfect” Light. Unlike any light source development before, LEDs have superseded all other sources and potentially rendered them obsolete. Is LED therefore the Perfect Light? Are we in the middle of the greatest revolution since the invention of the light bulb?

Our film asks lighting designers around the globe for their thoughts, memories and opinions on light sources, lighting design and how they would define the Perfect Light.


“It was wonderful to hear the varied and colourful, enthusiastic legends of the lighting world wax lyrical with passion about light. Very thought provoking and if as a result this encourages cross pollination of designers with manufacturers, scientists, thinkers and educators this would be a great achievement.”

Debbie Wythe, Design in Progress

“The movie was fun, insightful and will prove to be of value to those in the industry without exposure to the big guys at the top – really interesting to hear their views – THANK YOU!!”

Rebecca Weir, Light IQ

“Your film delivered a great perspective… The 30 minutes in the film were actually flying by… this film will become a unique snapshot of our time.”

Enrique Peiniger, OVI


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Perfect Light Experience 2018

We took 5 lighting specialists on a light tour of Japan - experiencing the dynamic blade runner style lighting the city of Tokyo with its colour changing LEDs and neon signs, the calm natural light on the side of Mount Fuji and in the surrounding forests, the elusive light of a firefly in the gardens of the Hotel Chinzanso and finishing at the immersive light art of the House of Light, designed by James Turrell and located in Echigo-Tsumari region.


WE ASKED Christopher Bauder, Don Slater, Enrique Peiniger, Francesco Iannone & Serena Tellini , George Brainard, Gerd Pfarré, Giovanni Traverso, Howard Branston, James Carpenter, John Lau, Kai Piippo, Kaoru Mende, Leni Schwendinger, Lisa Ishii, Louis Clair, Mark Major, Moritz Waldermeyer, Motoko Ishii , Paul Gregory, Prof. Andreas Schulz, Roger Narboni & Stuart Alexander. See all participants.

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